In Salon Solariums

Vertical tanning units within our salons

Our Vertical Tanning Units are fitted with 48x6ft RUVA tubes for maximum tanning power. The combination of close proximity tanning and a super efficient cooling system ensures outstanding consistent results. A host of features are included as standard to ensure maximum tanning performance, consistent reliability, and customer comfort.


  • Ergonomic shape
  • Customer comfort
  • Close proximity tanning
  • Super efficient cooling system
  • fitted with 0.3 Compliant Safe Tanning Tubes
  • Total body coverage with full surround tanning
  • Centrally cooled by a high capacity thermostatically controlled fan.
  • Luminous safety exit sign
  • Emergency button
  • Floor grill to ensure maximum body cooling
  • Ergonomically designed handles and straps to promote customer comfort



The combination of close proximity tanning and super-efficient cooling system ensures the perfect tan in the minimum time

Lay down doubles available in our salons

The sun bed combines sophisticated technology with a new attractive modern design. The design offers optimal comfort to provide a relaxing experience, whilst also delivering exceptional performance. The Galaxy incorporates a host of features to provide the ultimate lay down tanning experience.

  • 24 Tube – 40 Tube
  • fitted with 20 x 6ft 0.3 Compliant Safe Tanning Tubes
  • Acrylic safety screens
  • Twin body breeze cooling system
  • Side tanning unit


Our solaruims currently cost £2 for 3 minutes. You can also buy a voucher booklet for £24 giving you £30 worth of tanning. These don't expire. These are in 3 minute tokens which you hand in at the salon to use the solarium.

You will need to register with us to use the sun beds and MUST be over 18 years of age. We will ask for photo ID to prove your age. Once registered for the first use you will be on our system.

Quick Tan Cantley

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